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Our AI platform solution for federated healthcare data ensures privacy preservation and strong data security. Using our solution, hospitals keep the data locked in a secure enclave, where researchers execute AI algorithms. Hospitals retain total control over the lifecycle of the data.

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Researchers Need Data

Accessing health data is a complicated process compounded by risks. Improper handling of the data makes both the research and the data owner liable. The traditional process of gaining access is slow and insecure, which impedes AI innovation.

Hospitals Need Control

Providing access to patient data is a risk for hospitals and other organizations. Researchers may accidentally mishandle it, resulting in costly data breaches that can impact the lives of patients and damage the reputation of the institution.

Build AI Models with Privacy and Security Factored In

Secure AI Labs offers a platform that researchers and data owners can both leverage. Researchers can build powerful AI models, while data owners rest assured of data privacy and maintain complete ownership and control.

How It Works

Researchers use a simple interface; SAIL does all the work in managing security and privacy on-premise or in the cloud.

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