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Secure AI Labs offers a secure, easy-to-manage & auditable solution for hospitals to track & trace the usage of their patient data. Using the Secure AI Labs platform, data never leaves hospital firewalls while enabling scalable collaboration. Hospitals keep the data safe, and researchers can innovate faster than ever.

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Current Collaborations Are Insecure for Hospitals

Healthcare data sharing enables collaboration and innovation; unfortunately, the existing ways of data sharing at hospitals are unscalable and insecure. Hospitals need a solution to manage access, track and trace usage of data, and maintain full control throughout the entire research process.

The SAIL Platform Delivers Security and Control

Using SAIL, hospitals can track, trace, manage access, and collaborate without compromising data security and privacy. Patient records remain fully within the firewalls of the hospitals, and hospitals are able to revoke sharing rights at any time to any parties.

How It Works

Hospitals use a simple interface; SAIL does all the work in managing security, access, and privacy within the hospital's firewall.

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