Biotech & Pharma

With the rise of digitized & personalized healthcare, getting a comprehensive clinical picture is an imperative. However, current clinical data solutions to fuel these breakthroughs are inefficient and ineffective in garnering deep high-fidelity insights.

Unified Patient Registry

Our platform gives you and your researchers a platform of diverse clinical datasets, as well as analytic and permissioning tools – so you can get just get your questions answered.

Inclusive Real-World Discoveries

We work directly with Patient Advocacy Groups to bring the registry together with your shared goals of preventing, curing, and treating a disease area.

Our Unified Patient Registry is a revolutionary
federated analytics product for
pharmaceutical RWE research and innovation.

Statistical power for everyone, because
improved outcomes should be for everyone.

A single hospital dataset may have
too few patients for statistical power.

Enabled by our Unified Patient Registry,
more patients means more statistical power.

Greater breadth powers more depth

With our Unified Patient Registry, discover results you can be confident in. This is especially critical for rare conditions, minority populations, and personalized medicine breakthroughs.