Senior Software Architect

Full Time; Cambridge, MA

Secure AI Labs (SAIL) has built and patented a new secure analytics platform that allows healthcare and life science companies to share valuable, sensitive data while maintaining ownership and privacy. SAIL is building a securely accessible network that integrates with existing data silos. Machine learning models are able to be trained and run on the network across isolated data sets.

We combine secure computation technology with decentralized machine learning to increase the accuracy and speed of analytics for patients and healthcare providers. SAIL's customers are training algorithms on encrypted health records and encrypted drug libraries, ensuring data ownership and privacy without compromising the computational speed and accuracy necessary for medical research.

We’re a pre-seed startup with 3 major pilots underway, so this role has high potential for growth within the company. The ideal candidate will: help architect our platform for longevity and robustness, manage our other engineers as we implement features, and bring fresh eyes to security vulnerabilities we should protect against. Qualified candidates should have at least 4 years of experience managing and maintaining platform development. A strong knowledge of relational databases, C, distributed networks, and security/cryptography/encryption is necessary.

Technical Skills
  • Architected full-stack platforms (hardware integration is a plus!)
  • Seen at least 2 product life cycles from formalized needs, to design and implementation
  • Able to quickly iterate and test stacks for architecture investigation
  • Able to thoroughly anticipate test scenarios for debugging and maintenance
  • Able to smoothly close features/projects for future cycle iterations or new versions
  • Mastery of Linux (with 1-2 years of production-level code)
Product Skills
  • Able to translate between customer needs and product specifications
  • Experience in DevOps software development and operations
Management Skills
  • Experience in managing engineering teams between 3-10 engineers
  • Ability to re-scope projects based on engineering feedback
  • Mentor engineers for their best personal and professional growth

  • B.S. degree in Computer Science or other technical field, or equivalent practical experience
  • 4+ years of software development experience
  • Background in health, biology, chemistry, or pharmaceuticals is a plus
With deep knowledge in at least 2 of the following:
  • Distributed systems; networked systems
  • Operating systems; kernel/firmware
  • Machine learning systems
  • Security and/or applied cryptography
  • App/dApp development

Apply at with the subject line Senior Software Architect.