Patient Advocacy

Better outcomes and care pathways are available for patients right now, but they are hidden – trapped in data silos or muted in stale data lakes.

Data Federation Platform

With our Data Federation Platform, your researchers have the ability to run queries and test AI models with all of your participating hospitals and data partners.

Security & Privacy

Our high assurance security means researchers gain insights, but they do not see the data. Our process also means hospitals are more likely to participate, and it decreases time to launch.

Statistical power for everyone, because
improved outcomes should be for everyone.

A single hospital dataset may have
too few patients for statistical power.

Enabled by our Data Federation Platform,
more patients means more statistical power.

Our Data Federation Platform succeeds
by doing things differently.

One access point to live, heterogenous clinical datasets from disparate institutions

Deep sub-categorization without sacrificing statistical power

Data closer to a real population, meaning better science & patient care

Bring your researchers and hospitals together around a common goal

Platform and analytic tools are built-in, so your researchers can focus on finding answers

Greater breadth powers more depth

With our Data Federation Platform, discover results you can be confident in. This is especially critical for rare conditions, minority populations, and personalized medicine breakthroughs.