Unified Patient Registry

Whether you’re performing research or developing and testing AI tools, the data you use can make or break your success in improving health outcomes and driving medical knowledge forward.

Current approaches fail.

Data Lakes are expensive to populate and maintain.

Data Aggregators offer surface level insights.

Data is limited to one
geographic area.

Work with data closer to the real population.

Secure AI Lab’s Unified Patient Registry provides you and your researchers with diverse clinical datasets from disparate hospitals and data provider partners.

We take your data security seriously.

Each hospital and data partner hosts their data in their own secure Secure AI Labs environment. This data is unviewable by the researchers.

Our Unified Patient Registry provides real, diverse clinical datasets
built to power your disease-ending research.

Research collaboration is now scalable.

Once your registry is set up, our Unified Patient Registry is built to grow
and further expand your mission of research and discoveries.

Greater breadth powers more depth

Bring researchers together around a common goal – preventing, treating, and curing disease – and the data and tools to do it. We make it easy to bring it all together.